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Tel.: +33 (0) 1 41 84 04 64
Fax: +33 (0) 1 41 84 04 65

As an authorized customs agent, each year we manage several thousand customs declarations. This service is based at Roissy-CDG airport and is represented in ports and airports in France and worldwide. We process, on your behalf, all the required customs formalities.

We also work closely with international regulators such as the WCO (World Customs Organization) and the EC (European Commission). As a customs expert, our goal is to facilitate customs procedures and formalities for you. Every day we recognize and assess the fair value of the risk associated with the movement of your goods.

We can assist you in the process and the classification of your goods with customs (BTI) to optimise your duties and taxes. With our expertise as a customs agent, we understand better than anyone the challenges of international trade and the customs procedures associated with it. We work from simple advice to setting up your transport logistics and its guarantees.

In 1998, Stile was approved for express customs clearance and, in order to better serve its customers, signed an agreement with customs allowing us to go through customs clearance for documents and dutiables two hours before the plane arrives, both for import and export. This allows Stile to offer its customers a fast and flexible service.


— Approved for Roissy-CDG, Orly, Toulouse and Le Bourget airports (Paris Aerospatiale, Paris Garantie gold and precious     metals),
— Customs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
— Sundays and bank holidays on request and for specific items,
— EDI link with French Customs (DELTA),
— Trade of goods declarations,
— ATA Carnet, BTI, management of surveillance documents, import licence, certificate of origin, EUR 1, ATR 1 and all     import documentation,
— Customs clearance for personal effects.


1998 Obtained the Express Customs Clearance approval n° 69.
1999 Obtained the IATA Cargo Accreditation n° 20.47330.
2004 Obtained the Freight Forwarding Agent Capacity n° CE.31.04.00091.
2007 Obtained the Freight Forwarding Agent Capacity n° CE.31.04.00091.
Operating agreement MADT/MAE (Bonded Warehouse) n° 07000087 signed.
Teleprocedure Agreement (E.D.I.) n° 00000093 DELTA signed.
2008 UDD n° 617/AIES and n°619/AIES approval obtained.
Multimodal procedure n°617/035 obtained.
2009 Licensed Customs Broker approval n° 5180 obtained.
2010 Obtained the Full Customs and Security Authorised Economic Operator certification (A.E.O.) n° FR00000258.