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This is because we are aware that to adapt to climate change is one of the greatest challenges of this century, which we have undertaken with our partners in the GOGREEN charter.

2010, environmental commitment

A quick reminder:
the Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1998, involves absolute commitments for reduction of emissionsfor 38 industrialized countries, with an overall reduction of 5.2% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2012 compared to 1990. The commitments signed by the developed countries entail the implementation of emissions permits to sell or buy emission rights between industrialised countries.

Protecting the environment together to meet the challenges of tomorrow:
Stile wants to act for the planet. You have already incorporated environmental protection and sustainable development in your strategy. Stile can support you and proposes its GOGREEN supply: Control of CO² emissions, as part of emissions permits in relation to implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. Action which is easy to put into practice:

  • — Easy to use: GOGREEN can be directly chosen by the customer during booking.
  • — It enables you to limit global warming: GOGREEN can be selected for all shipments or a part only.
  • — It means the client does not have to develop its own tool: the client can edit the GOGREEN stickers and affix them     directly on its shipments.
  • — Guarantee of commitments on CO² emissions reductions : the GOGREEN word appears on the invoice.
  • — A certified approach: each year clients receive their GOGREEN certificate stating the amount of CO² offset.


1998 Obtained the Express Customs Clearance approval n° 69.
1999 Obtained the IATA Cargo Accreditation n° 20.47330.
2004 Obtained the Freight Forwarding Agent Capacity n° CE.31.04.00091.
2007 Obtained the Freight Forwarding Agent Capacity n° CE.31.04.00091.
Operating agreement MADT/MAE (Bonded Warehouse) n° 07000087 signed.
Teleprocedure Agreement (E.D.I.) n° 00000093 DELTA signed.
2008 UDD n° 617/AIES and n°619/AIES approval obtained.
Multimodal procedure n°617/035 obtained.
2009 Licensed Customs Broker approval n° 5180 obtained.
2010 Obtained the Full Customs and Security Authorised Economic Operator certification (A.E.O.) n° FR00000258.