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Aline Godinho
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 41 84 04 64
Fax: +33 (0) 1 41 84 04 65

  • Urgent Air-Freight
  • Air-Freight time guarantee
  • Air consolidation
  • Air Chartering
  • Deliveries door to door

We deal in-house with express freight operations and offer a tailored service from and to all the main markets across the world. Stile can organize regular flights and cargo charters from the main airlines. We are flexible enough to meet anyone’s individual needs at the most cost effective price.

Urgent Air-Freight

If you need your goods to be transported in a minimum transit time, Stile Cargo Extreme is your best solution.As its name suggests, Stile Cargo Extreme freight is loaded on the first flight out and receives priority treatment to the destination airport and beyond.

Air-Freight time guarantee

If your priority is to keep the costs down, but your goods must be transported by air, StileCargo Express is the perfect compromise. Designed for less urgent shipments for which a slight increase in transit time is acceptable, Stile Cargo Express transports your freight to the major world airports.

Air consolidation

If you need a fast service but price is also important to you, Stile Air Expert is the ideal solution. It consolidates your freight at highly competitive rates and guarantees arrival on the appointed day at airports in all the major world business centres.

Air Chartering

If your cargo cannot be consolidated due to size or volume, StileCargo Exclusive is the answer to your needs. Chartering and aeroplane may be the best option. This provides you with capacity on a dedicated aircraft and is the perfect solution especially when your product launch coincides with peak periods.

Deliveries door to door

Stile Cargo Exceed. Stile put at your disposal an integrated agent network in order to managed all your door to door shipments all around the world